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Just to say a very big thank you for the most wonderful and personal holiday in India, with a great Cha chi. I really appreciated your generous sharing of yourself and your amazing experiences. Pippa Feb 2014


Just a quick note to thank you so very much for the most AMAZING and AWESOME time ever. I have just reread my journal and we did an awful amount of laughing as well as shopping and the knowledge of printing that we gained from you and the people we met was incredible.  Liz Feb 2014



‪I was trying to describe my upcoming holiday to friends I always said I wanted to see the real India with someone to hold my hand . Which was exactly what we did.  Gill Feb 2014


I was describing my wonderful holiday and someone said did you see this that and the other monument and palace and I said no it wasn't like that . We did see lots of amazing historical sites but we also spent time drinking tea with shop keepers and talking to people. And I think that is the big difference that you could emphasize. I personally feel less judgmental than I did. Gill  Feb 2014


I still haven't come back down to earth from my amazing experience. I have personally gained so much from the trip and want to thank you for the chance to go with you. Thank you for looking after us so well and your patience. I learnt a lot from you, your subtle assertiveness, as Ann called it, being one of them. Catherine 2015


What a wonderful time I had. Thank you for making it possible. Victoria 2015


As I said in my card, I really enjoyed my first trip to India and would so love to go back again. I’m sure that I will. We packed so much into the trip and I have to keep going back to my diary and photos to remind myself of everything we did. Julia 2015


A little note to say an enormous thank you for such a wonderful experience in India. I feel very lucky to be part of your group & for looking after us & guiding us where necessary. Highlights for me: drinking chai from the stall, the friendly beautiful people we met & saw during the trip, Jaipur, elephants, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, coming across the wedding in Sanganer, Block printing... chatting with likeminded, funny ladies. Jackie 2015


Its difficult to express how appreciative I am for all the time and effort you have put into organising this trip. It has been truly magical and such a joy to be introduced to India by someone with so much knowledge and understanding of the culture and the people. I have found the experience illuminating, challenging and above all great fun. Gill 2015


I also wanted to thank you for the brilliant trip. It was quite something else.
You really showed us all more of the real India. I think it's a place that you either love our dislike.
I'm afraid for me it has seeped into my soul somehow!  I will return and hopefully be firing on all cylinders!
(So to speak) ! You asked for comments Em, nothing negative, one thing I would have liked, and I think we were
All in agreeance, I would have liked a lot longer in the printing town Sangner -  It was just fascinating, it was great to talk to the print block craftsman , I think as the town is spread out it would merit longer.
The paper factory was very interesting.   Mary 2016


We had an amazing time in India and the whole group was still buzzing on our return to the Upholstery class on Thursday - all thanks to your organisation.  We are already planning the next trip but, of course, there are 15 of us in total.  We see if we can get the rest of the group to tackle along next time.  Only two comments:  I did miss out on driving a rickshaw (not sure I spelt that right) which is a bit of a shame but at least I am still alive (must do this next time) and the second day car journey to Agra was very long - too much sitting for my part especially after a long flight the previous day.  This is not a complaint just a comment.  I had a fabulous time and all travel companions were wonderful.  You have a good thing going there, I wish you all the best and success for your forthcoming trips.  Trish 2016


Thank you very much for taking us to India on a very well organised trip.  It was so good to be with someone who knows the country so well and how to deal with the people and the different situations encountered.  What an introduction to India!  I want to go back ..  I am still buzzing, trying to take it all in.  I can’t really think about what comments to make apart from maybe to have a guided tour in one of the palaces/fort we visited.  I followed a French group in the palace where there were 3 wives (muslim, hindu and christian) involved and the guide was very funny and his explanations were really interesting.  That’s the only think I can think of. Thank you again for a brilliant trip and an amazing introduction to India. Ann 2016


Wanted to say thank you very much for a super holiday.  I hope you have recovered from the hard work of sorting us all! And the jet lag for that matter. I am feeling so much better today after a good night last night. All of us seemed to wake early yesterday. Many thanks once again. Hope we can all meet up again some time. Lesley 2016


I would like to thank you so much for making this dream come alive, I haven't travelled much in the past but feel its right for me now.

I really had the time of my life experiences that will stay with me forever and think I've fallen in love with the country and the people of India no wonder you go back time after time.

You and Emma made things go so smoothly even when challenged, thank you again and hope to keep in touch, please keep me up to date with your forth coming adventures. Anita 2017


Emma’s trip to India and the introduction to block printing was an unforgettable experience for me. As a total novice to dyeing, block printing and fabric design I learned a great deal, and now I find I can recognise a block print design at a distance, and know whether is was likely to have been done by hand or industrially! But the trip was enhanced immeasurably by the choice of friendly and quirky hotels in the back streets of Delhi and Jaipur, and the opportunity to begin to explore the real India. We were tourists as well, so the visits to the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and Amber Fort were another important aspect of the whole trip. What else? – eating out, including street food, using auto- and cycle-rickshaws, the train journey, and gaining confidence in just being in India. (Oh yes, and the glorious weather!). Emma’s knowledge and experience was invaluable, and gently re-assuring, and her organization was excellent. I could happily do the whole thing all over again tomorrow. Sue 2017


Thank you for all your hard work and preparation in making the trip so special.  It was an experience that I enjoyed , found enlightening, stimulating and will never forget.  I think a big strength is the balance you achieve of showing us the real authentic India whilst still feeling safe. Thank you so much. Kate 2017


I have to say it was an amazing experience that I wouldn't have missed for the world and feel so happy that I have done it.

Surprised and pleased to find that I wasn't the most ancient member of the group, and it gives me hope that I can go back to India at some point. I was certainly out of my comfort box in the alleyways of old Delhi but very pleased that I did it! As you say everyone seemed to get on really well, I got to know most of them if briefly, and enjoyed their company.  I enjoyed so many aspects of the trip, they are almost too numerous to list!  Thank you again for a wonderful adventure that I don't think we could have found anywhere else and, as I said. for going the extra mile to make it even more special. I feel so lucky that Clair found it Sue 2017


Going to India with your group was a great introduction to a fascinating country and culture.  It was truly wonderful and everything I hoped it would be.  I was looking for an experience that was not just about visiting tourist sites – we did cover some, but this trip was so much more interesting and stimulating.  The accommodation was comfortable and welcoming, and as I love Indian vegetarian food, the menu was perfect for me.  Overall I think it would be hard to improve on the schedule except perhaps to make it slightly longer - 12 days instead of 10, for more downtime/independent exploring time in Jaipur.  The incredible hands-on traditional printing of fabric workshop, and all the printing/textile related places we visited made this holiday exceptional.  The icing on the cake and what will also stay with me are the people we met, our leaders Emma and Louise and the other lovely women who shared the trip.  Thank you so much to everyone for the fun and laughter and especially to you Emma for such an interesting, stimulating and authentic experience.  I can’t wait to go back and have more exhilarating tuc tuc rides!   Clair 2017


I would like to thank you so much for making this dream come alive, I haven't travelled much in the past but feel its right for me now.

I really had the time of my life experiences that will stay with me forever and think I've fallen in love with the country and the people of India no wonder you go back time after time.

You and Louise made things go so smoothly even when challenged, thank you again and hope to keep in touch, please keep me up to date with your forth coming adventures.  Anita 2017


What an amazing experience I have just had on my visit to India - the realisation of a lifelong wish - and this trip far exceeded my expectations.  Emma had forewarned, "I don't do 5-star", but the whole experience she and Louise gave us was definitely 5-star.  Highlights - the Taj Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort, the block printing workshops where we learned so much, Sanganer village, the paper-making factory, the exciting rickshaw rides, the lovely people we met and talked to and last, but not least, our great group with whom I had such fun and we shared so many laughs.  Thank you everyone. Sally 2017

To Emma & Louise, Thank you both for a fantastic time in India. A perfect balance of being looked after and organised yet with freedom & choices too.  Best wishes Jane. 2018

Emma, just to say thanks for creating such a fabulous trip & for taking such good care of us. Patience. 2018

This has been another exciting adventure in India with Emma. Each day there were delightful surprises for us all, which couldn't have been planned, but came as a result of us being able to go with the flow.  Ladakh is wonderful, and spending time with the nomads was unforgettable. Thank you once again Emma.  Sue August 2019

Thank you Emma for a most amazing trip.  I have travelled a lot in my life but this will be one of the most memorable trips.  I joined your trip to see Ladakh, but the nomads, the monasteries and the company has been an added bonus.  It has been a great joy to know you Emma.  Thank you for looking after me all along. Usha August 2019. 

My first time with Emma and teh experience has surpassed all expectation.  The thing about the journey is that you are fortunate enough to experience this in a very real way, where you feel that you get a glimpse into the real world of the country.  Emma has a gift for enabling you to experience the adventure and take in extra experiences that come along without any kind of stress.  I can never thank Emma  enough for an unforgettable journey with a unique opportunity to touch the country in such a rare way.  Jean August 2019 

"get off the tour bus and experience real India and its people with me"


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