Embroideries of Gujarat & 2 day workshop

I first visited Bhuj over 20 years ago, a dusty little town... a gift to anyone with a passion for textiles. Today the small town has grown into a modern bustling centre grown out of devastating earth quake in 2001. Many women from the surrounding villages found a way to survive their loss through embroidery skills passed down through the generations to fill their trousseau, coming together to recover emotionally from such a huge catastrophe and learning business skills to earn a living... Textiles of Kutch remains today one of the most exciting places to visit in India for its for stunning array of handmade cloth. From stitch to Bandana to Ajarakh and weaving... our journey through the villages of Kutch will touch your heart like no other.

Our journey begins in Delhi then heading out to Ahmedabad in the west on an overnight train. Ahmedabad home to the Calico Museum... housing arguably one of the best textile collections in India and Gandhi ashram. From Ahmedabad we travel to Bhuj where we will remain to explore the local craft villages, meet master crafts men & women and take part in a 2 day stitch embroidery workshop.

15 days 8th - 22 November 2020. £3,300. including international flight. 
Maximum of 10 people. I will be taking deposits from 15th March.

Please email for more information