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Jaipur India - Block Printing 
February 2025 - FULLY BOOKED
February 2026 - Now Booking


Gujarat India- Embroideries & Looms
January 2025 - FULLY BOOKED
January 2026 - Dates coming soon


Bhutan - Textiles East to West
May 25 - Now Booking


Ladakh India - Pashmina Nomads
September 25 - Now Booking

Page updated : 12 July 2024



Penny – Jaipur Block Printing February 2024

“What a fabulous experience it was to go to India with Emma!  For me it was just the right mix of visiting the tourist attractions (which are not to be missed) and seeing some of what felt more like the ‘real’ India.  The block printing course was beyond my expectations, and I absolutely loved the two days working alongside the fabulous ‘professionals’ even though I think they thought our poor efforts were very strange. I can’t begin to think of highlights because the list would be too long but meeting the lovely Indian people we met, visiting the stepwell, the beautiful Anokhi museum, the elephants, the total, utter craziness of it all, the shopping (oh my goodness the shopping) …… as I said the list goes on and on. None of this would have been as much fun without the fantastic group I was with, new friends all of them and the unfailing kindness of Emma herself.  She accommodated all our requests, showed unfaltering patience, is amazingly knowledgeable, can find a chai stall at a moment’s notice and is incredibly well prepared and hardworking. As soon as I have finished telling everybody I know about the trip I will be looking at number 2.”

"get off the tour bus and experience real India and its people with me"


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