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Last Updated: 2nd Feb 2024


Block Printing - Jaipur 

Feb 2024

Feb 4th  2024-  Fully Booked

Feb 18th 2024-  Fully Booked

Feb 2025

Feb 2nd 2025 - 1 place remaining

Feb 16th 2025 - 8 places available


Explore Bhutan & Textiles 

May 4th 2024 - 4 places remaining

Embroideries of Gujarat - 2025

January 2025 - details coming soon

7 places available

"Every day I think about our trip to India and how much it has enriched my life. I came home with the wind beneath my wings! I want to say a big thank you for making it possible and giving me the confidence to consider  going back to India. I especially enjoyed working alongside the professional printers in Bagru and even crossing the road was an experience to remember. “Keep walking, keep walking” is good advice not just for crossing the road but for life."   Amanda Feb 23


"I just want to say a huge thank you for a fabulous trip. I can sincerely say it was the best holiday I've taken part in. It had the perfect mix of the sights and sounds of real India and involvement with textiles which are my passion.  The whole trip was very well organised and I felt looked after pre and during the trip. The wealth of experience that Emma has with India and her personal ties meant that the whole trip went without a hitch. I met some lovely like minded people which was the icing on the cake.  Thank you so much Emma and Louise. I would repeat the whole holiday in a flash!!"  Sara Feb 23

"get off the tour bus and experience real India and its people with me"


Mindful Textile Journeys since 1998

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